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The erotic massage scenario in Bucharest

Apparently, Bucharest looks like the European kingdom of erotic massage.

The number of official erotic massage salons in the capital of Romania is really challenging anybody else in the old continent.

And besides, despite of Ukraine or Russia, here in Bucharest the erotic massage business is fully legal, so the parlors can advertise their offer openly and police don’t bother them if they don’t sell real sex ( I mean penetration) and if they are supposed to pay taxation.

Here is the ultimate list of around fifty salons in Bucharest, with my personal advise about the best of the best salons in Bucharest, that is "Geisha"( for the matchless service of the superexciting body massage )








































But, I have to say, after I visited around twenty salons out of this list in Bucharest, if I compare this scenario to that one of Kiev, the scenario is quite disappointing because:

1)the level of beauty of masseuses in the Romanian parlors is pretty much lower than in Ukraine

2) the services are inferior in quality

3) the prices are higher ( in the average )

I count only one great exception in all the city, so far. But one, out of twenty, is really nothing.

Good looking girls in Bucharest don’t work as masseuses, this is what I was told by many managers of parlors that I visited. They got a serious problem in recruiting stunning young ladies. Only rarely there are exceptions, when some students from small cities, for a while chooses this profession.

      Examples: sometimes I was really shocked: In “hotangels”

 ( they have 4 salons in Bucharest, but the owner is desperately trying to sell them all), in 37 Mendelev street,  now temporary closed, I found a collection of authentic monsters! Floppy, ugly, unrefined girls.

Altough, the 39! years old woman who made the massage to me, was really hot and full of passion, and as I closed my eyes pretending to have someone else above me, I was able to have an orgasm in the end. I tried another younger masseuse, 21 y.o., the same story. She was ugly, but with very hot and pleasant approach. So, I can say, in Hotangels, the worst looking girls, but at least very passionate performers. The law of compensation, I guess. If you are able to use the imagination, is your salon.

In ‘perfectmassage’,, Magheru street, among all the crew, one masseuse was very pretty so I picked up her, but after she made a quite good half a hour of classic relaxing massage, when she started the erotic part it was awful: a robot machine couldn’t be more mechanical then her in the performance. The approach was simply disappointing. No communication skills, no passion, no sensuality at all. I felt to be a piece of meat and not a person. I tried another masseuse, less pretty, hoping to have something more in terms of service…she was even worse. I gave up with them.

In ‘karmamassage’, , Piata Alba, the same story. Middle-low level of beauty, definitely low level of service, improper high prices: they asked me 300 lei ( 70 euro!) for an erotic massage. I negotiated till 200 lei, they agreed ( also karma salon is for sale, by the way, and I can see why), but it was another unacceptable experience. Good classic massage, poor, poor erotic performance. You need a Viagra to get a serious erection of your neglected penis.

In ‘erosmassage’,, the best and only pretty masseuse was the manager! I insisted till she gave me massage, because I refused any other girl of the salon.

And so on, so on…all the parlors I tried are completely substandard, if you have had already wide and full satisfying experience in Ukraine or in Russia like I had.

The exception in town: only one. Geisha masaj

I really enjoyed very much only  this salon, where I was brought by a taxi driver who is now my personal assistant in mongering. This parlor is managed by a foreigner guy and that’s why probably is much better than the others of the city. 

They accept only foreigner customers or elite Romanian , the girls told me, as they are ashamed to be known by local people. 
I didn’t meet the owner but I was told by the girls that he is an American or an italian. It is located in the full center of the city, close to Piata Romana, in Strada Caderea Bastiliei 14

This  salon repay you back for all the bad experiences in Bucharest: good environment, good classic massage, beautiful girls, hot, hot, hot erotic part, even if without sex, unfortunately.

They perform the kiss massage, a kind of body and tongue massage, that make you cry for pleasure. Super! Prices in the average, starting from 200 lei. But one exception doesn’t make the rule.

Updated on 19th of February 2015: Bad news, my friends, Geisha masaj salon in Bucharest is now closed  :-(
      I will let you know where and if it will open somewhere else, as tI have contact number and email       of the manager

Conclusions: if you have a deeper insight, Bucharest is not really the capital of erotic massage. Kiev or Moscow win all the way.

Bucharest is the best European destination for sex.

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